The new Ricettolio of the Riviera Ligure.

Printed, cooked and eaten – simply and with gusto ….and vegetarian. This is the new Ricettolio, the third in the series. The Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Protection Consortium is acting, in this case, to supply a need that is ever more present among a wide band not only of consumers, but also of people wishing to focus on food that is better, more appetizing and more genuine. And the combination between the vegetarian world and the awareness of a product with a certified origin such as that of DOP Riviera Ligure cannot fail to be successful. The initiative has the backing of the 2007-2013 rural development programme for Liguria, linked to the European Agricultural Fund for rural development. The outstanding feature here is the collaboration with the ”E. Ruffini-D. Aicardi” high school, which is the other name of the wonderful Catering Institute in Arma di Taggia. The devising and practical creation of recipes is the task of the teacher, Claudia Fornara, in charge of her Class 5A, with the approval of the head teacher Sergio Maria Conti. The students have created dishes that always include DOP Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and give it a leading role. And particular attention was paid to the territory of Liguria, with the use of “rundin” beans from Badalucco, Conio or Pigna, Ligurian cheeses or chestnut flour for the typical Ciapazöi of the Argentina valley.

It’s a triumph of flavours condensed into nine recipes, offering single-course dishes, first courses, soups, creams and desserts, with historic-gastronomic comments by Alessandro Giacobbe. And finally each text is translated into German and English.

So where can you find this delightful publication, which is surely a keystone in the area of quality wine and food in Liguria? Obviously at A Ciassa, in Piazza Dante 18, Imperia – the tasting shop created by the DOP Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Protection Consortium in collaboration with the Liguria Region. A temple to Ligurian flavours that cannot be without a collection of recipe books inspired by the DOP Riviera Ligure itself. Reading to tempt your appetite.

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