Antonino Trifiletti’s company La Favola della Mignola wins the 2017 Leivi award for Riviera Ligure PDO oils

A young company, a keen producer and careful management of each stage in the process. In brief, “La Favola della Mignola”, the oil company in Lavagna that has won the 2017 Leivi Award for the Riviera Ligure PDO oil category. The ceremony on 23 July this year validated the worth of this recent member of our consortium, with a Riviera Ligure Riviera di Levante PDO oil that convinced a demanding jury, obtaining high marks from the tasting panel. Today a well-established, deep-rooted event, the Leivi Award is aware of the situation in Eastern Liguria (Liguria di Levante), starting with preservation of this area in terms of awards given to the best-managed countryside. This is the case of La Favola della Mignola, run by Antonino Trifiletti with the help of his family. A life choice made by Antonino that turned a hobby into a career led to complex implications, not only in terms of greater commitment to the family’s land, but also with the acquisition and planting of neglected olive groves, again in the Lavagna area. The award-winning PDO oil comes from high up on the sun-kissed domesticated slopes of the San Bernardo olive groves, close to an old chapel that promised salvation for travellers in the past. It is a pleasure to also dedicate this award to Antonino’s production efforts, considering that this is his company’s first year with PDO certification after it was founded in 2014, coming close on the heels of a complicated production campaign. Antonino declares himself totally satisfied, “This result is the fruit of passion and commitment. I never imagined I would win, but I have to say that adoption of growing techniques based on order and cleanliness, milling within 12 hours after harvesting and tiny technical details, have produced an oil that everyone likes.” It must be said this oil is already used and popular in restaurants in Eastern Liguria. As confirmed by Francesco Bruzzo, head of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce panel, this Riviera Ligure-Riviera di Levante PDO extra-virgin oil offers decisive expression of all the typical local distinctive characteristics, and has a final persistence indicative of a remarkable antioxidant capacity and good preservability. Now that the Leivi Award is ready to take into consideration the whole of the Liguria region, La Favola della Mignola has its own well-deserved, precise placement.