PDO Riviera Ligure oil explained to the English-speaking world with Fiona Sims thanks to “C’è pesto per te” by Luisa Puppo.

25th September, late morning: a group of culinary researchers are heading for the warm, picturesque rooms of “Ostaja”, the Genoese sciamadda, or typical local eatery, in Via San Vincenzo. In this case, the renowned English journalist and food blogger Fiona Sims is accompanied by Luisa Puppo on a sensory tourist itinerary entitled “C’è pesto per te”. Fiona is discovering the real flavours of Liguria. She can boast hundreds of articles and publications, both for prestigious newspapers like the Times of London, as well as books, like those devoted to seafood cuisine or to wine. We are in Genoa, and from the colours and vibrant experience of the Oriental Market, with the expert guidance of professor Umberto Curti, we move on to learn about one of the world’s most famous sauces, pesto alla genovese. Made on the spot, with a mortar and pestle, by Luca Spanedda from Pesto Eccellenza Ligure. We have all the ingredients for the best mortar-made pesto possible. And of course there is DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil. Luisa Puppo first illustrates the history and the ingredients of Ligurian mortar-made pesto, one by one. PDO Riviera Ligure extra-virgin olive oil is illustrated based on its certain origins, the guarantee provided by the Protection Consortium and, lastly, its organoleptic qualities, through a quick and effective tasting course. This confirms the characteristics of the oil: fruity, sweet, but still, in September, with a peppery finish, indicating the presence of polyphenols so important for a healthy organism. And then it is time to prepare the pesto using the mortar and pestle: with Slow Food presidia Vessalico garlic, Cervia sea salt, pine nuts from Pisa, DOP Genovese basil, DOP Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, DOP Pecorino sardo cheese and lastly DOP Riviera Ligure olive oil. Fiona gets involved and does her part. And while there are no words to describe the taste explosion, it can be seen in the journalist’s expression when she samples the pesto. Great ingredients, with four DOP products, making a perfect sauce and true experience of Liguria.