Bergamo hosts the “G7 of Geographic Indications” Food, Wine and Spirits

On Wednesday 11 October, Bergamo will host the G7GI Conference, the international conference on Geographic Indications organised as part of G7 Italia 2017 by the Bergamo Municipal Authorities in collaboration with Aicig, Federdoc, Fondazione Qualivita, Isit, Afidop, Federdop, Assodistil, and OriGIn and with patronage by the Italian Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry policies and participation  by Minister Maurizio Martina. It will provide an opportunity for dialogue between the major organisations of GI producers in the sectors of food, wine and spirits in G7 member countries and other countries, an international summit for outlining, sharing and underwriting a strategic document, to be submitted to all the relevant institutions, containing objectives linked to recognition of the value of Geographic Indications in the agricultural, environmental and commercial sectors. Cooperation between evolved GI districts and areas of developing countries, investments for definition of a sustainable development model, strengthening of protection for producers and consumers, an improvement in the transparency of “Internet governance” and relaunch of international negotiations for legal protection of GIs will all be on the table for discussion. The summit will also see presentation of the 9th edition of the Atlante Qualivita. This fundamentally important tool provides a complete overview of DOP and IGP products in Italy. Both the president and the director of the DOP Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Protection Consortium will be taking part, and the intention is to make this service for an excellence from Liguria more evolved, modern and efficient.