Riviera Ligure olive oil at #LSDM: the report

DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil was used at #LSDM 2013 in the cuisine of Salvatore Tassa, the master chef of Acuto, who presented the dish “mozzarella nel bosco” (mozzarella with berries), and by the talented Angelo D’Amico, in a recipe that combined handmade fusilli pasta, tomato, Riviera Ligure oil with basil and cream of buffalo milk.
The DOP Riviera Ligure Sheet of Michele Trimarco, Taster for Oleum

DOP Riviera Ligure consists of three sub-zones, divided as follows: Riviera dei Fiori (Province of Imperia) in the western part of Liguria, Riviera del Ponente Savonese (Province of Savona) and Riviera di Levante (Provinces of Genoa and La Spezia).

In the provinces of Savona and Imperia, the Taggiasca variety, the historic cultivar of Liguria, prevails, whilst in the other sub-zone there are Lavagnina, Razzola and Pignola olives (65%) and other local varieties in lesser amounts.

From this one can infer that the olive oils produced throughout Liguria can have different chemical and sensory properties.

The Riviera Ligure Consortium was present at the Strade della Mozzarella show in Paestum, displaying its olive oils. We of Oleum, the tasters’ association, were present at the show to presenting his oils and we carried out a sensorial analysis of a sample: it had a fine fruity aroma of properly ripened olives, with a yellow-greenish colour; it was fluid in the mouth with fruity, bitter and spicy elements balancing each other with persistent notes of green almond that are typical of Liguria oils.

We made a completely DOP combination with Mozzarella di Bufala and San Marzano tomatoes.

It certainly enhanced both dishes, dampening both the fat of the mozzarella and the tartness of the tomato, for the overall satisfaction of those who tasted it.

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oils at the Strade della Mozzarella show were used by Jan Bruno di Giacomo, who prepared cocktails based on extra-virgin olive oil.