Cycling with Filippa and DOP Riviera Ligure oil

DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil is now in the saddle. A limitless source of energy and flavour – this time it has provided the impetus to the sparkling Filippa Lagerback. The occasion couldn’t be better: the celebrated Swedish presenter and model is hosting, well pedalling actually, a popular travelling programme on Sky’s channel 214, the Bike Channel. Filippa is a real cycling enthusiast herself and has already published a book on the subject entitled “Io pedalo, e tu?”. Now she’s moved to television, with an interesting and enjoyable bike tour around Italy, alternating city models with much more technical bikes, and stopping along the way to talk about outstanding local food and wine products.

October focused on Liguria di Levante and thus on the Vice President of the DOP Riviera Ligure oil Protection Consortium Francesco Bruzzo met Filippa, and together they tasted DOP Riviera Ligure Riviera di Levante oil in the enchanting rural setting of Leivi. Rolling hills covered with olive trees and views of the sea. Ups and downs, or “mangia e bevi” (eat and drink) as they say here in cycle speak. Energy and goodness provided by DOP Riviera Ligure oil. The objective of the Consortium thus forges a link with an eco-friendly vehicle with great tourist potential, which has many ties with Liguria and thus with one of its top quality products like DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil. Filippa liked it, so that’s yet another ambassador for our liquid gold.
And here is when you can watch or record the episode, based in Chiavari:

The episode of “In bici con Filippa” (Biking with Filippa) filmed in Chiavari Tuesday 23 September went on air on Sky channel 214 at 9 pm on Saturday 4 October.
Here below is the calendar with the repeats (20 episodes in total during the month of October).

04.10 – 21:00 première 05.10 – 09:00 06.10 – 03:00 15:00 07.10 – 18:30 08.10 – 06:30 09.10 – 00:30 12:30 12.10 – 19:15 13.10 – 07:15 14.10 – 01:15 13:15 16.10 – 22:45 17.10 – 10:45 18.10 – 04:45 16:45 24.10 – 23:00 25.10 – 11:00 26.10 – 05:00 17:00

See you soon …on your bike of course.