Iniziano gli incontri con i produttori in s’A Ciassa

Stories of those who work the land, who produce and who transform the finest fruits of the Ligurian countryside. A Ciassa, the home of the DOP Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Protection Consortium, with the geographical reference Riviera dei Fiori, is set to host some events, convivial get-togethers from 6 to 7 pm, followed by an aperitif, the classic pre-supper appetiser. Conversations with producers and experts in the sector will be introduced and moderated by Alessandro Giacobbe, local Ligurian historian and food expert. Guests can thus hear all about the success stories of the many large and small businesses in Ligurian agriculture. A golden opportunity to understand how important the farming culture is in Liguria and how much more important it could be. Bear in mind that the gentle local Mediterranean microclimate offers absolutely exceptional conditions for those who wish to try or even continue to experience a healthy rural lifestyle. These meetings are set out to be a time of exchange, education, a window on a world whose allure lies in the guarantee of a healthy and natural way of living.

FIRST MEETING, TUESDAY¬ 7 APRIL AT 6 PM WITH OIL PRODUCER CALVI E GUGLIERAME, PROFETA DELL’ORMEASCO.  There’ll be talk about the olive season, as well as growing quality markets and the vitality of DOP Riviera Ligure olive oil. Another subject will be the recent success of Ormeasco di Pornassio thanks to the new DOP dimension and to the re-launch of Ligurian “eroica” vine cultivation.
calvi-533x800 Guglierame Ormeasco