Oliveoil DOP Riviera Ligure in Excellence in Women at Genoa

A bridge between Genoa and Naples. Championing the Mediterranean diet. This would appear to be the crucial focus of an event promoted as part of the Festival of Excellence in Women, at 4.30 pm on 10 April at the Genoa Chamber of Commerce in Genoa. The Italian woman – active, busy, courageous is here riding the long wave generated by the promotion of Expo 2015. Participation by the DOP Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Protection Consortium was a must because Expo upholds all the themes dear to the Consortium plus there are the travel companions from Liguria. The topics are those of a Mediterranean diet, which is also a lifestyle. We are pleased that the ones doing the talking are Neapolitan anthropologists. Names that stand out include Marino Niola, university lecturer and Repubblica newspaper journalist and, Elisabetta Moro. The latter has written a very appealing book:  Dieta mediterranea – Mito e storia di uno stile di vita italiano. (“Mediterranean diet – Legend and history of an Italian lifestyle”). It will therefore be stimulating to follow the two main speakers as they reflect on the legendary Mediterranean diet and provide a rereading of an imaginary bridge between Genoa and Naples, thinking about the central role played by typical Ligurian products. It does not stop here, obviously. Because words will be followed by action. In this case, touching with taste. In the first place there will be the comic-music show Le ricette di Eduardo. Si cucine cumme vogl’i (“Edward’s recipes. We cook as I say”) with Adolfo Margiotta. This is a wonderful theatrical performance featuring the culinary life in Eduardo’s home seen through the eyes of his wife Isabella Quantotti. Yet further insight, therefore, into the relationships between Naples and Genoa. Which in the end are expressed in exciting continual tasting of excellent products from Liguria. In this case, DOP Riviera Ligure Olive Oil was a must-have, alongside DOP Genoese Basil (and from here to pesto is simply a leap of divine gastronomy). In addition to the Liguria Regional Winery, the Regional Animal Farmers’ Association and the Bakers’ Association. There is lots of good stuff in Liguria. Not to be missed.