An award for the Canaiella, consortium member

An award for a consortium-member company. The Canaiella di Filippina Berruti olive-producing company, with headquarters in Savona, received a special mention at the 13th edition of the prestigious Sorrento Sirena d’Oro Awards, which took place from 21st to 26th March. The mention refers to the light fruity oil of the DOP Riviera Ligure olive oil area, which Canaiella interprets in a persuasive way on the Riviera di Ponente around Savona. Its olive-groves are 96% composed of the Taggiasca cultivar, with one or two other Ligurian varieties. In addition, traditional farming methods concentrating on organic production are used.

It must be remembered that the award comes in a context of 109 producers. As always, the Sirena d’Oro Awards have been widely reported in the media. Choosing DOP Riviera Ligure means visibility and attention focused on the territory and on the customer.


Canaiella 1