Supply Agreement for DOP Riviera Ligure oil 2015/2016

In last night’s meeting, the Board of directors of the DOP RIVIERA LIGURE oil Protection Consortium set out the Supply Agreement for the coming olive and olive oil campaign.


Its main elements are the same as those for the previous year:

  • filing of the olive supply contract between olive growers and olive mills by 30 October 2015 at the Protection Consortium;
  • minimum prices for olives and oil entered in the DOP Riviera Ligure control system. For olives, the minimum price is € 1.44 (including VAT) per kg of olives with a 20% oil yield (€ 18.00 per “quarta” of olives, corresponding to 12.50 kg). For oil, again per kg and including VAT, the price is € 8.80 if due for DOP Riviera Ligure certification and € 9.00 if already certified.


These were the comments of the President of the Consortium, Carlo Siffredi: “I would like to remind companies that the Supply Agreement does not define olive prices. It is an invitation to reward quality olives produced using the best farming methods. So I ask olive millers and bottlers to support their suppliers, the olive growers who have always, year after year, brought their olives to you in excellent condition. The quality of their work, the sacrifice of months of attention deserves to be recognised, always. The olive growers who constantly produce quality olives are those who in fact guarantee the presence of DOP Riviera Ligure oil on the market. They ought to be recognised with a good price”.


The supply agreement is a virtuous cooperative agreement between companies in the same supply chain. The agreement envisages the Consortium’s monitoring of contracts filed, invoices for the olives with traceable payments, documents sent to the certification body and bottleneck guarantee labels delivered to bottlers. The companies can adopt these procedures to avail of the discount on the yellow DOP Riviera Ligure label.


This is the outline of the Ligurian olive campaign for 2015/2016. A campaign that promises to deliver, after what has been a not so memorable year. Setting has been average to good, the quantity of irrigated land has offset a period of drought, and the olives, wherever you go, seem to be in excellent condition. A possibly good yield looks likely, but this is normal for Ligurian cultivars. And, as always, the quality of the product will be outstanding, thanks to farming expertise and increasingly refined processing techniques.

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