DOP Riviera Ligure olive oil means taking part in Europe’s largest floriculture fair

“My name is… and yours?” International languages and occasions, German organisation, a way to meet others in a worldwide context. The appointment is for the Ligurian aperitif on 27 January. We meet in Essen, at IPM, Europe’s largest floriculture fair. The Ponente Agriculture and Floriculture District is there in force. Liguria with its flowers, Liguria with its wines, through the Regional wine house, and then Liguria with its certified, guaranteed oil, DOP Riviera Ligure. An outstretched hand in an internationally important meeting which will see the participation of the Regional councillor Stefano Mai. A video about the area, the culture and floriculture tradition in western Liguria will be shown in German for the occasion. Enchanting colours, warm sun, the beaches of northern Europe and that tough, labour intensive land that only produces when loved. And tastes of quality, because that of the products presented at this convivial event is high. BGI, the largest world trade association in floriculture and host for the event at its monumental stand, is sure to be pleased. DOP Riviera Ligure in Essen means creating synergy with outstanding Ligurian products, represented by flowers and wine, in the mission of each promotional organisation present. And it also means more visibility in markets sensitive to product excellence, quality and traceability, not to mention sustainability. It is no surprise that the missions of the IPM fair include support for environmental friendliness, local identity and fair trade. And all of this is a mission for the DOP Riviera Ligure Extra-virgin olive oil Protection Consortium.