PDO Riviera Ligure EVO meets the schools of Liguria and Piedmont

The PDO Riviera Ligure Protection Consortium promotes new training sessions in Hotel Schools

Cultural and professional approaches for the training of young students

The PDO Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Protection Consortium promotes a new valorisation project on oil excellence addressed to the young students of Ligurian and Piedmontese Hotel schools. 80 training sessions planned as an introduction to the cultural and sensory characteristics of PDO Riviera Ligure EVO according to its three geographical sub areas: Riviera dei Fiori, Riviera del Ponente Savonese and Riviera di Levante. A legacy of know hows and flavours, representing regional identity, to be transmitted to new generations also through different educational approaches: videos, slideshows and hands on activities centred on tasting techniques and sensory analyses (study of the characteristics of olive oil, identification of potential faults…). Operational, effective training methods that also suit the mission of the Consortium: promoting certified, guaranteed products.

“The certified PDO Riviera Ligure oil production chain aims at strengthening the awareness of tomorrow’s professionals – the future protagonists of the restaurant industry or of the on demand food preparation sector – evolutions and application in the field are numberless. An objective we pursue in the region of origin of PDO Riviera Ligure oil itself, as well as in Piedmont, where demand for Ligurian EVO has always been high. The future of young Ho.Re.Ca staff is likely to include experiences abroad, too: thus, these training initiatives could educate new ambassadors of Ligurian excellence”, states President Carlo Siffredi.

Up to now 20 sessions have taken place: they will grow to 80, by the end of May, delivered in 18 hotel schools of the two interested regions. The initiative is to start in Liguria at the Istituto Alberghiero Casini in La Spezia and the Ruffini-Aicardi in Arma di Taggia, in Piedmont at the Giolitti in Turin, the Prever in Pinerolo, the Beccari in Turin and the Maggia in Stresa. First reactions are enthusiastic. Says prof. Gagliardi of Turin: “a really interesting experience: it is not frequent to see so committed and enthusiasts students – and such professional lecturers”.

Lessons are held by experienced tasters (who are also EVO producers): thus, it is up to the real voice of those who live the production chain to communicate the importance of this production for the territory and – consequently – the value of an informed choice, rich in positive consequences for the entire region in social, environmental and economic terms. Each student is provided with a  “Training kit” which includes a copy of the “Manuale dell’olio DOP Riviera Ligure”,a handbook edited by oil expert Luigi Caricato with the scientific and editorial coordination of the Qualivita Foundation, which developed the training materials for the lessons.

This cultural and training action for the development of professional opportunities for young generations has been carried out by the Protection Consortium with the funding support of the PSR (i.e. Regional development plan) Liguria 2014/2020 “L’Europa investe nelle zone rurali”. (i.e. Investing in rural Europe) framework.