Introducing the new members of the Consortium: their PDO Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil stories


Numbers on the rise as regards the producers of certified and guaranteed Ligurian EVO bottles. The PDO Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Protection Consortium introduces its new members through the tales of the lifestyle choices made by young, committed and future-oriented people. Here they are, in strict alphabetical order starting for western Liguria, i.e. the PDO Riviera Ligure-Riviera dei Fiori subarea. The “Antico Frantoio Ramoino Franco” is situated in the lower Impero valley – the first entroterra of Imperia Oneglia –  along the 19th century track of the strada statale n.28 which links the coast to Piedmont. A long-standing family history originating in the olive groves between Lucinasco and Costa d’Oneglia. The “Azienda Agricola Blengini Adriano” is located in Villa Viani, a hamlet of the municipality of Pontedassio in the entroterra of Imperia. Adriano’s lean, tanned face says more than words about his fresh start in farming, away from his previous experience in the construction industry.   Adriano’s pride are the groves in the coveted regione Panegai, an area where once millet was cultivated. There, olive trees grow on the rocky soil enjoying the benefit of sun-drenched high altitudes facing the sea. Villa Viani also houses the terraced plots of the “Frantoio San Martino s.s.a.”, run by young entrepreneurs Claudio and Maurizio in Dolcedo, a small centre of the Prino Valley in the entroterra of Imperia Porto Maurizio. The heart of the azienda is the ancient water oil mill, which stands by the banks of the rio (i.e. brook) Boschi. Bought by the family in 1932, it still treasures the original equipments, sided by state-of-the-art new continuous-cycle oil mills. San Martino is a charming hamlet suspended in time. There, the two owners manage their business and their possessions in Villa Viani and Conna di Andora, in the Merula Valley (province of Savona). The province of Imperia is home to the “Azienda Agricola Lo Scoiattolo” (Agriturismo), too. Located in Verrandi, one of Ventimiglia’s several hamlets, it is run by Federico Aprosio, a passionate farmer. Westernmost Liguria stands off the beaten track of mass tourism: this sun-kissed district, its olive trees ancient and solemn, thrives with atmospheres and stories to be told. Back to the Imperia area, the “Goccia Cooperativa Sociale” is proud of its civil as well as economic mission. The cooperative develops in a religious setting with a strong social commitment towards people living in disadvantaged conditions. Asylum-seeking migrants are trained in olive tree farming in the Prino valley and act as the new keepers of the territory.

Young businesses, ancient roots.