Arenzano, PDO Riviera Ligure Oil run with Three for Team

The Three for Team trail running event took place on February 17th in Arenzano and along the tracks of the Beigua Park. Participation reached record figures: 164 teams (three people each) for a total 492 athletes, some of them of national and international standing. Three for Team is not a relay race, but a group race, where each team is identified by a goliardic denomination  and adequately equipped with “proper” clothing.

The event  also represents an opportunity for the promotion of the destination and its excellences. PDO Riviera Ligure Oil featured as a visiting card of the area, as well as a welcome refreshment and a prize.

Gourmet ambassadors also included focaccia Genovese – supplied piping hot by local bakers -, basil pesto by F.lli Sacco di Pra’.

Nutritional contribution, vitamins and anti-oxidants: the assets of PDO Riviera Ligure Oil do suit the needs of runners, whose endeavours –  in a way –  mirror the hard work of Ligurian farmers.

Three for Team is one of the preparatory activities of the Alvi Trail 2019 edition, which will take place in June along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.