2018-2019 report: the Riviera Ligure olive grove

3-day harvesting took place in November. Rain represented a common thread throughout 2018, both in spring and in early autumn. Spring showers did not affect the fruit setting stage, on the contrary they nourished plants. As a consequence, harvesting provided positive (if not excellent) numbers. Even though oil yield was not exceptional – a feature of rainy years – quantities were. Certified PDO Riviera Ligure-Riviera dei Fiori EVO (under the Consortium label) was tested through the panel test methodology: 5.1 fruity, 4.9 sweet, 1.7 bitter and 1.8 pungent. This lust value refers to the positive presence of phenols and antioxidants. Sweetness is a trademark of the 2018 – 2019 season, definitely a most welcome one.

Harvesting in the oliveto (145 plants) amounted to 2805.5 kilograms of olives – a good year. Oil production reached 365 kilograms, that is 398.47 liters. The production cost per kilogram of bottled oil is € 11.25 (€ 10.31 per liter). Costs of specific phases and activities (from mowing to pruning, to fertilization to harvesting) are dutifully reported. Great effort and labour, great quality of certified and guaranteed PDO Riviera Ligure EVO, certified and guaranteed.

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