Scent of Liguria in Portovenere: flavour and territory in Eastern Liguria

Promised, done. “Scent of Liguria”, the event in Genoa which was postponed a few weeks ago due to severe weather warnings took place at the Palmaria Restaurant of the Grand Hotel Portovenere on October 26th. “Investigation, entertainment, tasting”: the subtitle hints to the experiential dimensions of the initiative. The event included “Oil School”, a tasting session dedicated to PDO Riviera Ligure EVO run by head panel Marco Lucchi, who displayed his know how regarding the territory and PDO Riviera Ligure-Riviera di Levante EVO. Later “Tutti pazzi per il Basilico Genovese DOP!”: Francesco Petacco illustrated the other flagship of Ligurian excellence, as EVO and basil met… in the mortar and gave life to pesto, hand made by Flavio Corazza in a few minutes. A theme dinner completed the rich picture and the two PDOs outstandingly featured in all servings.