The “Giovanni Falcone” hotel school in Gallarate wins the first “My Selection Chef” Contest

The first “My Selection Chef” Contest, organized by Qualivita with OriGIn Italy and with McDonald’s Italy, had two teams facing in Milan, young chefs from the “Carlo Porta” hotel school (Milan) vs “Giovanni Falcone” in Gallarate, during the presentation of the new McDonald’s product line “My Selection” by Joe Bastianich.

The Contest, born for promoting made in Italy GI productions in fast food restaurants, has seen the two teams challenging in a double competition: a quiz on certified agro alimentary products and the creation of the best panino using PDO and PGI ingredients. The contest has involved 60 students.

The winner of the “My Selection Chef” Contest was the G.Falcone hotel school with the “Inside the Cheeseburger” panino, using PDO Gorgonzola, PDO Asiago, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, Red Onion of Tropea a PGI from Calabria, PDO Pistacchio Verde from Bronte, PDO Provolone Valpadana, PDO Riviera Ligure EVO, PGI Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, PDO Pecorino Toscano.

The recipe of the “Carlo Porta” IPSEOA was remarkable as well thanks to the “Artusi 1891” panino, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Pellegrino Artusi, father of modern Italian gastronomy.  In this panino we find PDO Grana Padano, PGI Pomodoro di Pachino, PDO Genoese Basil, PGI Red Orange from Sicily, PGI White Beef of the Central Apennine, PGI Speck Alto Adige, PDO Fontina.

During these years, both schools have been involved in the educational programs of the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium.

During the Contest, Alice Venturi, Guglielmo Scilla, Annie Mazzola e Andrea Pinna, four influencers very popular amongst the young, have carried out live comments on the contest on social media, with pics and videos.

#oliodoprivieraligure #MySelectionChef #Mc Donald’s #JoeBastianich #OriginItalia #FondazioneQualivita A Milano, due squadre di studenti, si sfidano per un panino a tutto DOP #AllDOP

#oliodoprivieraligure #MySelectionChef #Mc Donald’s #JoeBastianich #OriginItalia #FondazioneQualivita

In Milan, two student’s teams, challenge for the DOP entire panino #AllDOP