Sanremo, the Festival hosts Ligurian excellences. PDO Riviera Ligure EVO at the Palafiori

In early February Liguria and its typical products featured among the protagonists of the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival in the Spazio Liguria set up in the Casa Sanremo area of the Palafiori.
Spazio Liguria provided an immersive experience complete with 2 maxi ledwall (20 square metres) dedicated to Ligurian EVOs and wines: an innovative tale of landscapes, producers, toil and passion.

At scheduled times, the Enoteca regionale della Liguria and the PDO Riviera ligure EVO Protection Consortium provided visitors with tastings of Ligurian wines and oils, not to forget about a special (free) event on Friday 7th.

Furthermore, the “Frantoi e Vigneti aperti” event (Liguria, May 8th-10th was launched).