The “Azienda Olivicola Canaiella” wins the Gold Medal at Biol 2020: a success for the Ligurian PDO and organic sectors

The “Azienda Olivicola Canaiella” (Savona), a member of the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium, won the Gold Medal at Biol 2020 (Bari).
500 participants from 15 countries and a jury of 30 experts: these are the figures of the 25th edition of the contest, an important opportunity of discussion on the issue of organic PDO EVOs, more important than ever after the last difficult season.

“The award is an acknowledgment of our great commitment and efforts – says owner Andrea Giannì -. We managed to fight olive fruit fly using chromotropic traps (yellow adhesive sheets that attract the insect). We fought droughts thanks to our fertigation system, powered by three natural springs. Furthermore, this was a season of early harvesting. The quality of the product and this award repay this all”.

The award is a tribute to the commitment of Ligurian olive growers, tenacious, environment -friendly, open to the adoption of new farming methods.