PDO Riviera Ligure Consortium: ensuring the high competiveness of Geographical Indications

Once more, the PDO Riviera Ligure Oil Consortium underlines the need to work to ensure the high competitiveness of Geographical Indications, more efficient management of GIs with more resources and new tools as well as the recognition of Protection Consortia as active players in development policies.

A goal shared by all the Italian Protection Consortia that attended the meeting promoted by “Origin Italia”, the association that represents about 90% of Italian GI productions. “It is high time to get involved into the issue of 360° sustainability, environmental as well as social and economic. all along the production chain of PDO Riviera Ligure – underlines Carlo Siffredi, president of the PDO Riviera Ligure Consortium – and to manage the ecological transition taking place everywhere in the world more effectively. To this aim, the role of Protection Consortia is pivotal, as they prive advanced best practices”.

In Liguria, figures do the talking. In 2020 PDO Riviera Ligure EVO accounted for 946 companies registered in the control system: 825 olive growers, 69 packers, 52 millers. 2,100 hectares of registered olive groves, accounting for 740,000 trees. 6,400 quintals of oil – the campaign still in progress – in the controlled production chain, 2,700 of which already certified and marketed as PDO oil in Liguria. “However, to achieve these results in Liguria – Siffredi concludes – the collaboration of producers and institutions is essential, in order to plan and support solid, long- lasting synergies between the resources of the territory and eco – sustainability”.

At present, the main focus is on the reform of the Testo Unico dei Consorzi di tutela, as well as on Covid-19 measures, Recovery Plan, the Export Pact and the September G20 (which will take place in Italy). In the coming weeks, Origin Italia is going to start a calendar of meetings with Regional Assessori to illustrate Agenda 2021, while waiting for the indication of the new Minister of Agriculture. Late spring will be the time of an initiative on sustainability with the main national and European stakeholders. According to Mauro Rosati, direttore of Origin Italia, “participation of all the Protection Consortia on the themes of the EU Green Deal reform is needed, especially regarding the two most strategic dossiers: Farm To Fork and Biodiversity”.