PDO Extra virgin Olive Oil Supply Chain Agreement: minimum prices blocked for two years

The PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium has recently approved its Patto di Filiera (i.e., Supply Chain Agreement) and maintained minimum prices (olives/oil yield ratio) – € 1, 60 per kg for a 20% yield. Minimum prices will be valid for two years, i.e. for both the 2021/22 and 2022/2023 campaigns. The structure of the Agreement remains unchanged: deposit of contracts by 31 October, respect for the timing of payments, as required by regulations, and payments duly complete with bank documentation.

“We want to give a sign of confidence to the production world in this critical year,” said Carlo Siffredi, President of the Consortium, “We want to support businesses with all kinds of action aimed at developing the quantity and quality of olives.

In order to achieve the objectives of sustainable growth for both businesses and the territory through the safeguard and increase of production, the scope of the Pact is to be broadened – presently, it only involves operators in the production chain”.

The Board of Directors of the Consortium strongly calls on the institutions to provide technical assistance to olive-growing businesses. “A coordinated approach shared by all stakeholders – the Consortium, trade associations, institutions, research centres and universities -, continues Carlo Siffredi, is pivotal to support specific measures, such as the monitoring of production in Ligurian olive groves through constant in-depth analyses of  ongoing phenomena; the experimentation of phytosanitary defence options for olive production and the consequent dissemination of the results; the planning of technical and financial interventions to support this fundamental production chain; the spread of sustainable development of Ligurian olive production with a view to consumers, producers and the environment”.