Azienda Agricola Amerio Andrea

Azienda Agricola Amerio Andrea
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Azienda Agricola Amerio Andrea
Via Balestrino 55 17055 Toirano
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Andrea’s relationship with nature is engaging and familiar. As he carries on plant nursery and vegetable growing (two must-do activities in the Albenga plain) with his brothers, he is also committed to olive farming. In 2014 he established a business whose mission is the recovery of his grandparents’ olive groves. The production of PDO Riviera Ligure oil – subarea Riviera del Ponente Savonese came as a logical consequence. The taggiasca olive(min 50%) matches the cultivars of the province of Savona – a celebration of biodiversity. Part of the olive groves is located in the outskirts of  the plain in the village of San Fedele, in the hamlet of Ranco (a name hinting to the tillage of an ancient rural spot). The other part stands in the Varatella valley, along the road to Balestrino, an area known for the presence of a 1495 Carthusian convent near Toirano. Andrea’s plots are situated in fertile zones named Giro dell’acqua (a source is close by) , and Pezzin, a hint to the (frequently) tiny dimensions of olive groves in Liguria. As anticipated, the taggiasca meets other cultivars featuring in the PDO Riviera Ligure-Riviera del Ponente Savonese blend: i.e. Colombara, Pignola, Olivotto, Merlina and Carparina. Colombara and Pignola are well known, Olivotto is a feature of the Savonese, while Merlina can be found elsewhere. Carparina (a.k.a. Carpina, or Olivo delle Alpi) is a rarity, found between the albenganese and Pietra Ligure. Appreciated for its endurance. Again biodiversity is Andrea Amerio’s U.S.P..