Azienda Agricola La Bilaia

Azienda Agricola La Bilaia
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A family of restaurateurs since 1992, the Passanos run three restaurants in Ecuador (Ristorante Riviera), managed by papà Luigi and mamma Angela, as well as an AgriTurismo in Lavagna (Genoa), run by son Paolo. This is where Paolo decided to make the most of his studies at the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (Cuneo, Piedmont) and where his own dreams came true.

Born in Ecuador from an Italian family, Luigi Passano met (and married) Angela in Italy. They joined the food sector in the 1980’s, when they opened a bakery in Guayaquil (Ecuador). Further openings followed: in 1992, their first “Ristorante Riviera” in a two-storey villa in Guayaquil; in 2002, the “Da Luigi” restaurant; in 2015 the third and last restaurant, the “Riviera” in the town of Samborondon.

Paolo attended the Slow Food University in Pollenzo (CN) for five years and earned two degrees. After developing his culinary skills and experiences in Piedmont and at his parents’ restaurant in Ecuador, in 2013 he opened the AgriTurismo “La Bilaia”, which he still runs nowadays. After ending his university studies, Paolo decided to live and work in Italy to improve his know-hows and make his dream come true. He started to manage the family’s farming business, which specialized in the production of Premium Quality EVO: the road towards PDO Riviera Ligure Oil Riviera di Levante certification and guarantee was clear.

Paolo’s entrance into the family business brought along a breath of fresh air, as well as the increase and diversification of production – vegetables, fruit, breeding – with a view to producing and processing the best raw materials and serve friends and clients.

During his university studies (three-year Bachelor degree, 2-year Master degree) Paolo collaborated with the most renowned Piedmontese restaurants, where he improved his command of techniques, flavours and hands on experience.

Production of top quality raw materials, experience in the restaurant industry and 5-year specialist studies: these are the cornerstones of Paolo’s “Agri Ristorante”, the gem of the AgriTurismo

Strong Ligurian roots and an international mindset. Territory and family are Paolo’s strongest bonds: holidays in Liguria are in fact spent in Ecuador, working at his parent’s restaurants.