Azienda Agricola Solari Massimo

Azienda Agricola Solari Massimo
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Azienda Agricola Solari Massimo
Via Caperana Case Sparse, 26 16043 Chiavari
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In Liguria, province of Genoa, on a sunny hillside in the outskirts of Chiavari, one finds the SOLARI MASSIMO farm.
Massimo grew up in this beautiful town, surrounded by olive trees and already home to an antique “suppressa” (olive mill) owned by “Villa Chichizoloa”. As a young boy he accompanied his grandfather and father through the cultivated areas of Caperana, undertaking the arduous process of recovering the olive grove located on the fifth Chiavarese hill, right near the municipality of Leivi, as well as maintaining the family’s ancient olive grove in Sambuceto in Valgraveglia. In 1993 he resurrected the family business, focusing primarily on quality. In 1999 it was one of three such businesses in the Chiavari and Né region. It has a cultivated area of approximately 2.5 hectares, fully terraced with traditional dry-stone walls. It has approximately 800 Lavagnina olive trees (99%), the remaining local cultivar, which he prunes personally in rotation. He uses and keeps up-to-date with the best methods of cultivation. A specialized technician assists him in all cultural practices. He received awards in various editions of the Premio Leivi regional competition.
He has a laboratory for the preservation and bottling of oil, equipped with today’s most advanced technology, temperature controlled and preserved under nitrogen, which he takes care of personally. He produces an average of 2,500 litres of oil annually.
Product characteristics: Riviera Ligure Riviera di Levante PDO extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the best olives, which are picked daily and cold pressed at a modern oil mill the same day. It is sold in 0.250, 0.500, and 0.750 litre glass bottles. The oil may be a greenish yellow colour depending on the time of year, with a medium intense smell, sweet fruity flavour, and mild sensations of spicy and bitter.
Traced extra virgin olive oil adheres to the European regulation “UNI EN ISO22005:2008” and identifies the most qualified production lines on the market in order to guarantee consumers a high quality extra virgin oil, available in all formats.