Azienda Agricola Morro Fabio

Azienda Agricola Morro Fabio
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Azienda Agricola Morro Fabio
Via Divizia, 126 17051 Andora
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My family have been olive growers for five generations.

In 2001, after having completed secondary school, I took over the management of my family’s olive groves and began a gradual reorganization of the company over the course of several years. Meanwhile, I added to my plots of land by acquiring and requalifying abandoned fields near my own, for a total surface area of ten hectares, in constant evolution, located almost entirely in the mountain community of Testico, with an average altitude of approximately 470 meters above sea level.

The primary cultivar is the Taggiasca olive.

Our company mission is: quality and production!!!

The initial disadvantage of “mountain farming” is compensated in part by using the most up-to-date machinery available in the management of the olive groves, but above all by the high quality of the end product!

Our products are:

RIVIERA LIGURE Riviera del Ponente Savonese PDO oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Taggiasca olives in brine

Taggiasca olives in extra virgin olive oil

Taggiasca olive patè