Azienda Agricola Terra Leggiadra SSA

Azienda Agricola Terra Leggiadra SSA
Ragione sociale:
Terra Leggiadra SSA
Via Roma 14 18027 Lucinasco (IM)
+ 39 3668103579
Menzione Geografica:

The family of consortium members expands in Ponente and in Levante. Our survey begins with three farms in the province of Imperia. First is Gianni Bianchi and Franca Devia’s “Terra Leggiadra”, based in Lucinasco, an outstanding olive growing area in the Impero valley, the hinterland of Imperia Oneglia. The face of Terra Leggiadra is embodied in the engaging smile of Gianni Bianchi, who states: “our project springs from our enthusiasm and passion for the land, with 3 and a half hectares of olive groves and the aim of producing high quality oil and other outstanding specialities from Riviera Ligure. We are committed to the protection of the area and future generations. It’s a responsibility”. Firmly rooted in the area, he manages estates such as Le Caselle, Campettu and Cianelli, renowned for centuries for their exposure and production. With houses which were once a shelters for shepherds, who later fertilised and maintained the soil for the olive groves. Dedication which can be read in the very name of the farm, borrowed from Cardarelli’s poem entitled “Liguria”: Liguria is a graceful land./The burning rock, the polished clay/quicken with the wine leaves in the sun./The olive tree is a giant.