Azienda Agricola Emanuela Rebaudengo

Azienda Agricola Emanuela Rebaudengo
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Azienda Agricola Emanuela Rebaudengo
Vicolo Bernardo Leone 11 D
+39 3288667390
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Azienda Monaci Templari di Emanuela Rebaudengo


The “azienda Monaci Templari di Emanuela Rebaudengo”is located in Westernmost Liguria. Emanuela’s gentle and discreet smile is the counterpoint to Flavio Gorni’s enthralling enthusiasm. They welcome visitors in Seborga, a very famous and charming village – “forgotten” by all kinds of international peace treaties, it is – in fact – independent, as a principality connected to the Monastery of Lérins… The Cistercian monks on the isles in front of Cannes have also inspired the protective action of the Templar Monks, active both in the Holy Land and in Ventimiglia. The farm runs an agritourism, an educational farm, and is renowned for its gourmet treats and impeccable service. The olive groves still benefit from a spring that seems to have been exploited since Roman times (if not further back in time). Getting to know Emanuela and Flavio’s olive trees is like meeting people, it comes as no surprise that they have their own name – e.g. the “olive tree of the Souls”, a.k.a. the “sacred olive tree”, close to the spring, probably linked to a legacy for the suffrage of the Souls in Purgatory. It is probably 1,400 years old. These were the times of Byzantine Liguria, threatened by the Lombards. The culture of oil facing the culture of butter. Olive oil is still here. In Seborga it represents knowledge, wisdom and taste.