Azienda Agricola Interra

Ragione sociale:
Via G.Marconi 3 18026 Rezzo (IM)
392 566 6154
Menzione Geografica:

From the Earth, for the Earth. This company name is as simple as it is evocative. The powerful dream of young people who love the environment and their territory, in the Giara di Rezzo valley (province of Imperia).

Though connected to the Imperia and Albenganese coast, the entroterra of the Arroscia valley represents the archaic and “difficult” face of Liguria. The commitment of Interra is massive, in an area which was recently struck by the effects of hydrogeological instability. Resilience is the answer; being there, working, farming, re-building what was built in the past: dry stone walls, canals, wood grooming. The main focus is now on olive farming – joining the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium came as the most logical of choices. Membership, as PDO stands for “the oil of the terroir”, certified and guaranteed. Furthermore, Interra is also dedicated to honey, a millenary activity in Liguria; saffron; recovery of ancient cultivars, such as the traditional first-quality beans, once a must on local tables. The olive grove is located on the sunny side of the valley, in Lavina, a hamlet of the municipality of Rezzo: for centuries the two settlements were separated by administrative quibbles. Though Taggiasca rules, the area fetures other cultivars such as Colombaia and Pignola, selected by the ancestors as pollinating, cold-resistant plants.

The ethics of Interra is also organic, based on patient “human” rhythms. These plots of land are located at such high altitudes – and extraordinary climatic conditions – that there is no need for products against oil flies and other adversities. The azienda’s EVO is 100% compliant with the strict regulations of the PDO Riviera Ligure. The names of the terraces where olive trees are grown hint at the former presence of ancient vineyards, replaced by olive trees (in t’i Fascei, alla Vigna, a cà d’a Vigna), deforesting (Ai Sèri), water (in u Pussu), effective fertilization (pe’e Pussette);nature is linked to areas with flat and squared stones (Pe’e Quadrelle