Azienda Agricola Muzio Aldo

Azienda Agricola Muzio Aldo
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Azienda Agricola Muzio Aldo
Via S.Bernardino 26/A 16039 Sestri Levante (GE)
0185 457135
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The history of Aldo Muzio’s company has lived on the heights of Sestri Levante for decades. The setting is San Bernardino, one of the settlements that make up the hamlet of San Bernardo, amidst ancient roads and historic olive groves. Places of historic roads and historic olive groves – hence olive oil wisdom. Family history tells a tale of an old “blood” mill, operated by donkeys. Later on the mill turned electric, with two millstones and finally a modern continuous three-phase cycle. Since 2010, Aldo Muzio has taken over the farming business, concentrating on the plants: 1,200 almost all of them Lavagnina cultivar, as well as a little Taggiasca. The plots are located in prized agricultural regions. One is named Sutt’a Cà, near the village, then there are the trees in Pastene, an ancient toponym  in Eastern Liguria which may allude to the action of pastenà, i.e., deforestation and clearing. Finally, there is the “grove of the heart”, In tu lurdu, the most productive.  ‘Lurdu’ stands for ‘heavy’ and could hint to the large yield bestowed by the trees. Other sources make reference to a local word  recalling the way for a slap on the ears. It could therefore be an ancient nickname for a rural owner.

Today, the vocation of the business today is oriented towards quality organic production. Aldo Muzio says. “If you see white olive trees on the hills of Sestri Levante, they are mine, it is kaolin, nothing but white soil that can protect the olives from the damages of the olive fruit fly. This way, the fruits and Nature are saved’.

Tradition, nature, quality: all that you need.