A Ciassa: a meeting place for flavour
In February 2015 the Consortium for the Safeguard of Riviera Ligure PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with the intention of promoting the various Riviera Ligure PDO oils within its territory (specifically Riviera dei Fiori, Riviera del Ponente Savonese, and Riviera di Levante), opened the A CIASSA tasting bar, at Piazza Dante 18 in Imperia Oneglia. Here one can learn about, taste, and purchase Riviera Ligure PDO oils as well as other culinary delicacies from Liguria such as wines, cheeses, and fruit preserves. From 7am to 8pm, in a bright, modern, and welcoming environment, one can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and cocktails. Good times, whether you’re on holiday or whether you live in the small city of Imperia; and tantalizing experiences, with a kitchen that offers Ligurian specialities and a series of tasty and captivating recipes. Whether industry operators or simple visitors, you will meet experts who know all there is to know about Riviera Ligure PDO extra virgin olive oil. And oil is what everyone is talking about. A Ciasse is the home of consortiums, in the same way that it was at one time the meeting place for oil tasters. A symbolic location, full of history and tradition, yet with an inclination for flavour in a youthful and modern setting.


Iniziano gli incontri con i produttori in s’A Ciassa

Stories of those who work the land, who produce and who transform the finest fruits of the Ligurian countryside. A Ciassa, the home of the DOP Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Protection Consortium, with the geographical reference Riviera dei Fiori, is…