Agriculture: the Terragir 3 EU project supports the promotion of agriturismi, educational farms and ittiturismi

A few days ago, the Ligurian Regional Assessore (e.g. Councillor) for Agriculture, Stefano Mai, led the presentation of TerrAgir3, a European project aiming at the promotion of agriturismi, educational farms and ittiturismi and their offer of activities, experiences and typical products.

“An important project to showcase the unique experiences Liguria has in store- explains Assessore Mai. Thanks to TerrAgir3 we have established a synergy between institutions, businesses and tourism promoters. In the last two years, a € 276,000 investment has supported the creation of a business network which provides first-quality welcoming to all those who want to live the best of this unique land”.

“A new storytelling for Liguria, based on its “to be discovered” gems, paves the way towards the exploration of unforgettable experiences. Hence the focus on agriturismi, educational farms and ittiturismi. We invite Italian and foreign tourists to enjoy Liguria as protagonists: catch the fish that they will eat after it is cooked on board; discover the pleasure of massages made with Ligurian DOP oil; get to know animals and the richness of our produce picking with their own hands the vegetables that will be served on the table”.

“Due to the pandemic, this type of tourism offer is much sought after. Hikes in the woods, excursions -bike, horseback or canoe-. close contact with nature, wellness and the quest for genuine products. Thanks to the joint efforts of all regional partners, today we will promote Liguria also through a video that will be shared with a varied audience: tour operators, bloggers, national and international influencers. My deepest thanks to Genova Liguria Film Commission”.

“Our main aim is to communicate that Liguria boasts many small/medium-sized facilities that supply 360° immersive experiences of the region, both on the coast as well as in our entroterra. 91 businesses joined the project. This figure demonstrates the will to create a system. I would also want to underline that participation will always be possible for members of the oil and wine tourism industry. I trust that this number will grow steadily.

“Today we have an exhaustive list of businesses, activities and experiences to provide to tour operators – am opportunity to design holiday packages to be sold also online”.

“The PDO Riviera Ligure Protection Consortium is one of the partners of the project, which also involves Liguria’s two other G.I.s: wines and basil. Our mission is to the raise the awareness of the tight relationship between territory and products as expressed by the experiential offer proposed by our producers, too”, says Carlo Siffredi, President of the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium.

“Unioncamere carried out a survey on Ligurian Green&Blue companies and profiled regional experiential offers. Through a dedicated SWOT analysis, we were able to identify the needs and wants of tourists who want to “live” Liguria through specific experiences. Furthermore, we designed a training syllabus for the businesses involved in the project as well as a Chart, which will guarantee hospitality services standards for reception services. Last but not least, we are committed to the promotion of best practices and the creation of an integrated system,” explains the Secretary General of Unioncamere Liguria, Giorgio Marziano.

“Liguria International has focused on the international promotion of experiential tourism linked to our flagship typical products. Covid 19 compelled us to change our original plans – 2 educational programs for tour operators and bloggers – and opt for an emotional video that narrates how Liguria is the fit choice for tourists of all ages, thanks to its array of experiences: countryside, agriturismi, wellness and Spas and, of course, a plunge into our wonderful sea. Last but not least, good food and PDO products, olive oil and basil, PGI Focaccia di Recco col formaggio, excellent produce from Albenga and good wine. Foreign tourists will realize that Liguria has a lot to offer in the season we are living:space, social distancing and life in the open air are capital assets,” says the President of Liguria International, Ivan Pitto.

“Liguria Digitale has supported Regione Liguria in promoting green&blue experiences by working on the evolution of the technological tools currently used by the regional system to promote tourist offers such as the LaMiaLiguria app, the Region’s websites and social channels. The project will also allow the purchase of two state-of-the-art totems for the on-site promotion of tourism. The two totems, installed in the provinces of Genoa and Savona, will guide citizens and tourists in real time during the choice of experiences and locations. Besides, we will take care of consultancy services to design the architecture of the training platform addressed to businesses,” explains Riccardo Battaglini, Business Unit Director of Liguria Digitale.

The TerrAgir 3 project is funded by the Italy-France Marittimo programme, led by the Province of Nuoro. Partners include Regione Liguria, Regione Toscana, Odarc (Corsica Agricultural and Rural Development Office), PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Portection Consortium, Strada del vino Cannonau, Federazione Strade del Vino, dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana, Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Corse – CIV.