PDO Riviera Ligure EVO businesses sweep up awards

Liguria dominates the second edition of the Milan International Olive Oil Award

During the second edition of the Milan International Olive Oil Award, organised by OlioOfficina, member businesses of PDO Riviera Ligure EVO swept an array of prizes.

Light ripe fruitiness: Gold Glass for Giuseppe Calvi & c. and their Riviera Ligure-Riviera dei Fiori; Silver Glass for Pietro Isnardi and their Riviera dei Fiori. As for Riviera del Ponente Savonese, spotlight on Sommariva, while for Riviera di Levante focus on Lucchi and Guastalli.

In the medium ripe fruitiness category, Bronze glass for the PDO Riviera Ligure-Riviera di Levante by Azienda Agricola Santa Barbara. Light green fruitiness – Gold glass for PDO Riviera Ligure – Riviera dei Fiori EVO by Frantoio di Sant’Agata di Oneglia.

Satisfaction for the hard toil of the 2020-2021 season, struck by the pandemic. The sequence is within the sensory area of PDO Riviera Ligure EVO, i.e., light fruity. The distinction between “ripe” and “green” is of utter importance, too, the latter relating to freshly pressed EVO.

Another interesting feature of the OlioOfficina event is the fact that assessment is carried out not only by “professional” tasters, but also by other categories. First and foremost, ONAOO, the National Organisation of Olive Oil Tasters, an international organisation founded in 1983 and the world’s first tasting school. In this context, its judgement counted for 60%, while 40% was the prerogative of other juries, belonging to the food and wine industry, such as AIS (the Italian Sommelier Association), Ho.Re.Ca. representatives, food&wine journalists as well as consumers. The people, in short, who actually buy the oil.