The Province of Savona loves sports

Actions to promote Ligurian tourism and traditional products

Savona, 18th July 2011

The Province of Savona has implemented a multi-year project to promote local tourism, which will involve a range of important local sports organizations, along with initiatives and promotional stands during travel or at events of a certain importance.

The first event will be called “The Province of Savona with Sampdoria” and will involve the presence of the Province with a stand at Moena at the football pitch where U.C. Sampdoria will be training from 20th to 31st July

Thanks to agreements with local producers and the DOP Ligurian Olive Oil Consortia and the DOP Genoese Basil Consortium, samples of Ligurian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, DOP Basil, Calizzano mineral water and local products preserved in olive oil will be distributed free to tourists along with give-aways such as, for example, cellphone bags and illustrated maps of the Province of Savona.

All the products and promotional give-aways will be identified with a sticker created for the event: “La Provincia di Savona con la Sampdoria” (“The Province of Savona with Sampdoria”) or “La Provincia di Savona ama lo Sport” (“The Province of Savona loves sports”). In parallel, through an agreement with the Moena Hotelkeepers Union and the Val di Fassa Tourism Agency, hotel guests will be able to sample Ligurian Olive Oil, which will be distributed in all of Moena’s hotels, together with an illustrated brochure prepared for the event.

In addition to olive oil, the hotel hosting the team will give away valuable bottles of DOP Pigato wine from the Ingauno Consortium and IGT Alicante wine from the Durin winery, also accompanied by brochures and promotional material.

U.C. Sampdoria has enthusiastically welcomed and provided broad availability and cooperation for this initiative, which, thanks to the link created between sports, the area and its wine and food culture, has confirmed its image as a team intimately connected to its area, traditions and beauty.

President Vaccarezza said: “In the past, the Province has supported one of our area’s excellent teams, Rari Nantes Savona. The Province of Savona was one of the sponsors of the LEN Euro Cup match against the Hungarian team Feren Varos. So, I am very pleased to present this initiative that brings together sports, wine and food culture and tourism. I am confident that this project will enhance the image of our area and promote our traditions and products to a large target of tourists vacationing in other primary resort areas, who will become future guests of our hospitality structures.

Another great feature is that this project costs the Organization very little, especially thanks to the free products provided by the consortia and local producers. In fact, the project depends on the synergy and image value for the various participants, the consortia and producers who will receive free advertising for their products, the Province, which is promoting our beautiful scenery and traditional foods for quality tourism and, last but not least, the Team, in this case Sampdoria, which is forming an even stronger bond with its area and its roots.”