Ligurian environmental and hiking guides visit the “Oliveto della Riviera Ligure”

A group of Ligurian guide ambientali ed escursionistiche (i.e., environmental and hiking guides) belonging to the AIGAE association, led by Luca Patelli, has recently visited the “Oliveto della Riviera Ligure” in the Lucinasco area. The Consortium for the Protection of PDO Riviera Ligure EVO gladly welcomed the guests. Guides are expanding their range of activity even in contexts linked to historical production sites. An in-depth conversation focused on the presentation of the activities in the olive grove, notes on toponymy, the relationship between sheep farming and olive growing in the past, notions about the cultivation and management of olive groves, not to forget about Geographical Indication products in Liguria, cultivars and other PDO and PGI olive oil products in Italy. After the visit and the short walk, the tour included an open-air guided tasting: an opportunity to get to know two leading olive varieties, the Taggiasca olive and the Razzola olive. The former is an expression of the Riviera Ligure-Riviera dei Fiori and the latter of the Riviera di Levante subareas. During the ‘Oliveti Aperti’ festival, promoted by the Consortium, walks among the olive trees were held throughout the region, touching several farms, with good attendance. The president of the Consortium, Carlo Siffredi, stated: “We would like to promote Riviera Ligure PDO oil routes, identifying them, signposting them, and maintaining them with the support of guides: dynamic, polyglot people with every insurance guarantee, providing moments of knowledge in complete serenity. Thus, we can support the connections between a Ligurian product of excellence and an area that should target markets interested in quality and environment”.