The importance of PDO and PGI products for the territory  

“The Municipality of Portofino has launched a scheme aimed at the local food & beverage service businesses to incentivize the use of PDO and PGI products. This is an extremely significant fact as it promotes a strategic vision linked to the quality and identity of the territory,” said the presidents of the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO and PDO Basilico Genovese Protection Consortia, together with the Enoteca Regionale della Liguria.

PDOs and PGIs are – at the same time – an added value for producers since they safeguard products connected to the territory and for consumers, who receive a double guarantee: certified origin and quality. Furthermore, GI products have acquired status in the tourism industry as a networking agent among regional activities. The trend is getting evident in food&wine tourism.

“PDOs and PGIs tangibly stand for sustainability, be it environmental, social, or economic. We hope that, in the future, Ligurian restaurateurs will recognize the value of these products and choose them with pride rather than as an obligation. A significant achievement for local authorities in the promotion of Italian food and wine excellence’ concluded the presidents Carlo Siffredi, Mario Anfossi and Marco Rezzano