Olio Calvi: first prize in the AIS Regional Competition “Eccellenze olearie di Liguria”

On Sunday, 21st May, the Mare & Mosto – Le vigne sospese di Sestri Levante event, organised by the Italian Sommelier Association of Liguria, hosted the ‘Eccellenza Olearia di Liguria’ (i.e., Liguria’s olive oil excellence) competition, participated by twenty-four PDO Riviera Ligure EVOO labels. Collaborations included the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium and a tasting panel led by Luigi Caricato, an internationally renowned EVOO expert and the director of Olio Officina (a reference point for the industry). Brothers Gianni and Luca Calvi run the business; Gianni comments: ‘We did not expect a victory – if anything, a good ranking. We knew we had produced a high-level oil, as all Riviera Ligure PDO oils are. Providing extra quality was a hard challenge, given the fact that we went through a severe drought. We share our satisfaction with the olive growers we collaborate with, particularly in Lucinasco, where the awarded olives come from. We have no family tradition behind us and approached this world ten years ago with a huge desire to learn. We have a two-stage crusher and – a recent acquisition – a new multifunctional crusher. We mainly use water-cooled knives. Decanting minimises water usage so that the oil retains its phenols: for this reason, we also adopt fast malaxation. The oil allows the Ligurian Taggiasca olive to fully express itself, with more aromas, phenols, and persistence of pungency. This award confirms we have chosen the right track’.