561 contracts registered and respecting the requirements of the Patto di Filiera

561 contracts registered and respecting the requirements of the Patto di Filiera (i.e. Supply Chain Agreement), a success for the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium. 30% more than the previous year, better performances also in comparison to 2018/2019, a positive season which featured 542 contracts.

“This confirms how businesses are working on this tool, that focuses the enhancement and protection of the efforts of producers, oil mills and packagers who continue to operate with a view to transparency, quality and certified origin – emphasizes Carlo Siffredi, the President of the Consortium – This growing trend is also a proof that those who have believed in the Patto from the beginning, have continued to do so, and others have joined them.

Those who in the past years were sceptical about the effectiveness of the tool, should now recognize the importance of the supply chain approach in terms of structural continuity of action, not to forget about constantly growing trends as for economic value. A universe apart from short-sighted individualist commercial dynamics which generate confusion and illusions within the sector”.

Unfortunately, similar behaviours have recently caused the fear that the prices of olives in a high-yield season like this one would fall dramatically.

“I thank millers and packers who, even in this difficult time, have believed and supported this tool  for the planning of the supply chain – concludes Carlo Siffredi – . I am sure that olive growers will continue to make the necessary investments to ensure continuity of production between the single seasons and improve production quality itself – the essential conditions for the growth of PDO Riviera Ligure EVO”.