Chef Ricchebuono and Federico Guadalupi: when the journey from sea to oil reaches the table

The three days dedicated to the best fish of the Noli Gulf, enriched by the excellence of PDO Riviera Ligure EVO, proved out to be a huge success to be repeated.

Thanks to Chef Ricchebuono’s artistry and EVO taster Federico Guadalupi’s guidance, the clients of the Ristorante Nazionale in Noli enjoyed extraordinary dishes as well as a guided tasting and storytelling of PDO Ligurian EVO.

“Once more Chef Giuseppe Ricchebuono confirmed how eating out can represent an important opportunity to get to know the products and produce of Liguria – underlined Carlo Siffredi, the President of the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium -. This is a format we hope will be repeated more than once by other restaurateurs. Our PDO oil is the ideal ambassador of all Ligurian food excellences, and the perfect companion for those who work in the restaurant industry and aim at offering high-quality menus”.