Genoa: the presentation of the new edition of the most renowned historical race in Italy features important news for the territory

 Genoa, 26th April 2021 – Few weeks to go – the 12th Coppa Milano–Sanremo Historical revival, the most charming and historically rich race in Italy, will be held in May (6th-8th) 2021.

For the first time the race opens the Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi 2021 by ACI Sport – the 2021 edition will be packed with news and spotlights on Liguria, which hosts the most relevant section of the event.

Gianni Berrino, Assessore Turismo e Grandi Eventi di Regione Liguria states:

“Thanks to this important competition, the jewels of Italian and foreign mechanics blend – so to say – with the beauty of Genoa and our Riviera, crossed from East to West along winding yet fascinating roads. Liguria has always played a lead role in the history of car races – e.g. the Ospedaletti circuit,no coincidence  the town this year features along the track of the race”

Simona Ferro, Assessore Sport di Regione Liguria declares: “The Milano-Sanremo classic cars race is one of the several Liguria 2021 great sports events. Sport is in our region’s DNA. This important competition takes back the charme of vehicles whichbelong to world car history, performances in stunning settings from the Monza autodrome to Milan, on to beautiful Sanremo, passing through Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure, the famous piazzetta in Portofino, Genoa and Loano. Sport, traditions, culture set the spotlight on Liguria”.

The route:

Almost 700 km crossing Lombardiy, Piedmont and Liguria, through fascinating landscapes and towns.

After an emotion-packed day (a few laps of the Autodromo di Monza, the international “speed temple” and a drive though the centre of Milan), on Friday May 7th crews will cross the Langhe area heading to Liguria.

Driving along the renowned “Ruta”, via Rapallo, they will reach Portofino, the seat of an exclusive défilé organized by the local Municipality.

“This class race attracts amateurs and their wonderful classic cars in our charming territory. Post cards and billboards from the 1920’s already celebrated the Tigullio as a scenic background – underlines Matteo Viacava, the Mayor of Portofino –. We look forward to welcoming this beautiful parade – the ideal mix of history, myth, and made in Italy, on May 7th, a strong symbol of recovery and resilience, too”.

Day 2 will end at the Excelsior Palace Hotel in Rapallo and at the Grand Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita Ligure, two long-standing partners of the race.

“I am very proud about Rapallo’s presence – once more – as a stage of the Milano-Sanremo – says the Mayor of Rapallo, Carlo Bagnasco – . Historical car engineering, design, sport competition, the promotion of the highlights of Italian settings (including Rapallo)… This is one ot the first top  class events of the season, hopefully a sign of good omen in terms of recovery”.

On Saturday 8th May cars will head towards Genoa, right in the city centre (piazza De Ferrari).

“The Milano-Sanremo is a must aamong classic cars races – comments the Assessore Comunale allo Sviluppo Turistico e Marketing Territoriale Laura Gaggero – .I am proud that this edition will include Genova and its iconic centre. Spotlights on Genoa, getting in gear for a cutaway season”.

The winding roads and hairping bends of the Turchino pass, Faiallo pass,  Colle d’Oggia and Melogno pass, will lead crews to Loano, seat of a light lunch at the Yacht Club di Marina di Loano. Time trials will take place at the Ospedaletti circuit.

“What a pleasure to host the 12th Coppa Milano-Sanremo at the Marina di Loano, a venue which shares the style, tradition, excellence values of this international event, a celebration of fair competition – says Gianluca Mazza, Marina di Loano CEO – we are ready to provide our best welcome”.

“the Municipality of Ospedaletti and the Ospedaletti Circuit Committee gladly answered the invitation to host the time trials of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo, following the track of the long standing collaboration between the municipalities of Sanremo and Ospedaletti on occasion of important events – underlines the Mayor of Ospedaletti Daniele Cimiotti.”

The race will end in Sanremo, the famous città dei Fiori, with the traditional parade along Corso Matteotti. Gala dinner and awards at the prestigious Hotel Royal, complete with the cadeaux by The Mall, the town’s luxury commercial centre.

“The Coppa Milano-Sanremo – states Alberto Biancheri, Mayor of Sanremo – represents the ideal match of sport and entertainment, strengthening the links between our town and the oldest race in Italy. Once more, Sanremo will host the final stage of this classic race, which runs along the roads of Lombardy and Piedmont to reach the Riviera dei Fiori with a multitude of fans. Plenty of emotions and opportunities for tourism promotion “.

More than a competition: this 12th edition will represent a 360° experience thanks to partners: Cuvage, Italian spumante metodo classico excellence and official supplier for the beverage sector, The PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium and the municipality of Pietrabruna, the representative of local gastronomy, a welcome Cadeau for all participants.

“Big events, promotion and traditions, PDO and PGI products: promoting Liguria at international level involves synergy – underlines Carlo Siffredi, president of the PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Protection Consortium – . our PDO bottles will lead participants and amateurs on journey through elegance and unforgettable flavours.”.

“The Municipality of Pietrabruna, in collaboration with two local producers (La Colombiera and La Bottega di Giulia) – says Massimo Rosso, Mayor of Pietrabruna – , offers the local typical “Stroscia” cake, already renowned in the 19th century: its name derives from the fact that it cannot be cut but broken (struscià in the local dialect) by hand. In both my institutional and  personal roles (I am a fan myself) I enjoyed the connection between our iconic cake and this historical race”.

“We strongly believe in this race, an everlasting symbol pf elegance and Made in Italy, as well as an ambassador of our territory. These are Cuvage’s values, too, showing in our commitment to develop the art of Piedmostes spumanti, appreciated all over the world. At last, after last year’s stop, the race is back.” – says Stefano Ricagno – Manager of Cuvage.

The evet takes place under the patronage of Comune di Milano, Comune di Monza, Regione Piemonte, Comune di Acqui Terme, Regione Liguria.