The PDO Riviera Ligure oil and the PDO Genoese Basil join together in 2019 media campaign.


The PDO Riviera Ligure oil together with the PDO Genoese Basil (both EU G.I. certified products) are once again in the spotlight as two of the most important products of Ligurian enogastronomy. During this 2019 media campaign, two issues of “Liguriafood – Gourmet Itineraries” magazine will be dedicated to these Ligurian flagships, as well as a TV spot which will be broadcasted on Italy’s North Western local television – since this area shows a great interest in nutrition and quality food products. A number of 420 commercials will be released on TV main channels (Primocanale, Antenna3, Telelombardia, Telegenova, Telecupole, Telenord) and on specialised channels such as Salute88 and Chef TV.

Stay tuned if you want to know more about quality food and the promotion of the Mediterranean identity!


PDO oil and Basil. An integrated communication campaign of the two Ligurian PDO products.