We have bottled our oil. All in all, a difficult job

Our 115.5 litres of oil are kept under a nitrogen seal. We created the new label which contains the nutritional statement as per regulations. It was then necessary to create a new graphic layout and have everything printed. In any case, the highest cost was for processing and treatments, as well as for labour in relation to the final yield. Remember that it involves working on terracing and mainly manually in a year in which olives are scarce and spread out. In the end, the “pure” production costs were € 17.31 per litre, which if reckoned with the costs of the past 4 years, produce an average cost of € 15.72 per litre of DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil.

It must also be remembered that this is the total value of production costs alone. It must be added to storage, transport for sale and business management costs as well as the profit margin. The question is: what is the right price for certified and guaranteed oil? It cannot be anything other than a cost that rewards the hard work of those who operate in Riviera Ligure, of those who operate within a programme of traceability and quality like DOP producers. It is true that we manage just one plot of land. Those who have more land, of course, can work on the overall yield, on the management of different olive groves. However, in the end, the work is still the same here in Liguria. The value of our efforts is the value of this DOP Riviera Ligure extra virgin olive oil: us for you. Tasted, analysed, certified and guaranteed. Think about it.