Terragir 3: a project for territorial development

The PDO Riviera Ligure Protection Consortium is one of the partners of the EU project Terragir 3, funded by the Italy-France Maritime programme. This cross-border programme covers the section of the Northern Thyrrenian area limited by Liguria, Corse, Tuscany – a space of contacts and exchanges where the threads of history are tightly woven together. The action is based on a highly topical strand: the relationships that link products, territory and open-air tourism, with a view to promoting experiential travel in rural areas. Nowadays agriturismi – the business core of green tourism – are facing the challenge of evolving demand trends: storytelling is the key skill fit to enable businesses to welcome visitors and narrate the uniqueness of their expertise and history. Produce, farming techniques, traditions… are the ingredients of this recipe. Geographical Indication products effectively embody these values, and could represent the focus of the business’ storytelling mission. Last but not least, tourism experiences are put at the disposal of tour operators and FITs. Consequently, the project fosters the creation of a support system aimed at the multifaceted agricultural sector, in the middle of a season of great dismay and uncertainty which calls for resilience and targeted recovery actions.

The TerrAgir 3 project is funded by the Italy-France Maritime programme, led by the Province of Nuoro. Partners include Regione Liguria, Regione Toscana, Odarc (Corsica Agricultural and Rural Development Office), PDO Riviera Ligure EVO Portection Consortium, Strada del vino Cannonau, Federazione Strade del Vino, dell’Olio e dei Sapori di Toscana, Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Corse – CIV.

More on http://interreg-maritime.eu/web/terragir3

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