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Real Parmesan Cheese and Geographical Indications

There are two differences between a trademark and a geographical indication. Although both perform similar functions, we need both. Brian M. Carney’s “What’s More American Than Parmesan Cheese?” (op-ed, March 25) mocks geographical indications (GI). He suggests that we don’t…

Two meetings in Genoa for the PDO Riviera Ligure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

It’s impossible to cook real authentic Ligurian cuisine without PDO Riviera Ligure’s extra-virgin olive oil. By the end of March the proof will be here for everyone to see. Starting with the world championship of mortar pesto. An event that…

The excellence of PDO Riviera Ligure olive oil in Finalborgo

PDO Riviera Ligure olive oil will be coming to the beautiful medieval village of Finalborgo, which again this year hosts the three-day event dedicated to agrifood products of Liguria, the Ligurian Agrifood Fair, scheduled to take place from Friday, March…

PDO Riviera Ligure Olive oil stars on TV

The ad campaign of the PDO Riviera Ligure Olive oil continues with a pleasant and impactful TV commercial.

On Monday, February 24, 2014, an important advertising campaign starts that will see Liguria, Piemonte, Lombardia and Emilia Romagna involved in a series of ads to promote PDO Riviera Ligure olive oil. It is the first time that such a massive effort is made.

In addition to the main local TV stations involved, the campaign will also employ other media such as the newspapers La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX, educational workshops in primary schools and an itinerant event, during the summer months, that will involve some forty Ligurian resorts offering product tastings and an illustration of its exclusive character.

PDO Riviera Ligure olive oil and its unmistakable yellow collar will be the big stars of an important ad campaign on the monthly periodical press devoted to cuisine, with ads involving all those who are attentive to the values and the quality of food.

All messages across the media are designed to communicate to the consumer these unique and exclusive values: “the PDO Riviera Ligure Olive oil is sweet, delicately fruity, comes only from Ligurian olives, adds value to your dishes and is guaranteed by the yellow collar: it is the only real extra virgin olive oil 100% made in Liguria”.

A great ad campaign that is certainly able to give value to all components of the industry that with care, effort and dedication make a product that is the pride of Made in Italy.

The eleventh edition of the Mediterranean Fencing Championships

Chiavari: the eleventh edition of the Mediterranean Fencing Championships will be hosted by 
the Ligurian city from 31 January to 2 February 2014. 

This event, created to promote and disseminate fencing in the Mediterranean basin, has grown in importance, not…