The olive grove of the Riviera Ligure

The Consortium takes on the role of an olive grower and in full transparency makes the entire path that extra-virgin olive oil DOP Rivera Ligure travels from the tree to the table visible to everyone.

Practically speaking, the Consortium has taken over the free management of an olive farm with 137 trees of taggiasca olives. The site are the heights of Lucinasco, renowned and ideal soil for the cultivation of olives. A small world of stone, of grassy, fertile land, with glimpses of heaven, the sun between the leafy branches and even the the “casella” or “little shack” was once used by shepherds during winter. This will become the olive grove of the Ligurian Riviera. A sort of workshop site, in fact, open to cooperation, to guided visits and experimentation.

The best care will be taken to keep the olive grove in the best conditions of productivity. And an account of the practices, all rigorously manual, will be posted online, given the nature of the territory and also the costs involved in producing the DOP Riviera Ligure extra-virgin olive oil . A success after a full year of hard work, but hopefully also a gratifying experience.

  1. The Start
  2. Fertilizer
  3. Pruning
  4. After pruning
  5. Fruit setting: expectations and observations
  6. Diseases and parasites of the olive tree: a continuous challenge
  7. The Harvest
  8. Bottling and the final
  9. The 2015-2016 season in the Riviera Ligure olive grove
  10. The average cost of production alone of a kilogram of olives and a bottle of DOP Riviera Ligure oil (0.5 l) over the past three years
  11. The Riviera Ligure olive grove: from the land to the table
  12. The year 2016/2017 in the Riviera Ligure Olive Grove
  13. The harvest and certification for the 2016-2017 oil production season
  14. We have bottled our oil. All in all, a difficult job
  15. Work in the Riviera Ligure olive grove has started again: time to prune and shred for natural soil enhancement
  16. Harvesting and pressing: the 2017-2018 season’s oil from the olive groves of the Riviera Ligure 
  17. Spring 2018 in the olive grove of the Riviera Ligure
  18. 2018-2019 report: the Riviera Ligure olive grove
  19. The 2019-2020 harvest in the Oliveto della Riviera Ligure and the balance over seven years and the cost of oil over three years
  20. Spring – Summer 2021 in the olive grove of the Riviera Ligure
  21. The 2020-2021 in the “Oliveto della Riviera Ligure”. 
  22. 2021-2022: the Ligurian Riviera olive grove takes a rest